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Rīva river route download for mobile devices (android/iphone)

The whole length of the river is 53 km. However, only 17 km from Rīva(A) to Labrags(C) village are cleaned up. The Rīva river is a novelty to the list of all season kayaking rivers. Most probably it will become one of the most popular one-day canoeing trip rivers in the Western Latvia thanks to the good geographical state, easy access and the good infrastructure (camp sites, small hotels, taverns and the sea). The Rīva river is suitable for fast water kayaks, SitOnTop kayaks and canoe. During conditions of increased water level (flood) it is mandatory to have a previous paddling experience! The Rīva river is technically complicated when the water level is high. In very dry summers there can be separate impassable places due to shallowness. You will find the kilometre signs on the bridges and at the other landmarks when boating to the sea! Most popular routes: The Rīva village - Labrags 17km The bridge at Gumbas - Labrags 8 km